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IR(ME)R17 Referrer Update Webinar – Saturday 7th April 2018

IR(ME)R17 Referrer Update Training Course 

Saturday 7th April 2018

5th February 2018 saw the implementation of the new Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2017 (IR(ME)R17). IR(ME)R17 has now replaced the previous IR(ME)R2000 and the 2006 and 2011 amendments.

Much of the content of IR(ME)R17 remains unchanged from IR(ME)R2000 however, there is one significant change which affects IR(ME)R Referrers which, if not observed by Referrers, could potentially lead to litigation.

An IR(ME)R Referrer is any registered healthcare professional, who entitled to refer patients for radiological diagnostic and therapeutic examinations and radiotherapy treatments, under agreement by their Employer.

Although it is not a legal requirement within the Regulations that referrers are trained, it is normal practice for Radiology & Radiotherapy departments to require referrers to attend radiation protection/IR(ME)R awareness training/update training (previously known as ‘The Core of Knowledge under the old POPUMET Regulations) prior to being entitled to act as an IR(ME)R Referrer.


The aim of this webinar course is to provide continuing education to existing and new IR(ME)R Referrers.


  1. To explain the principles of radiation physics
  2. Sources of ionising radiation inc. medical exposures
  3. Biological effects of ionising radiation
  4. Justification, authorisation and ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable) Principle
  5. Duties and responsibilities of an IR(ME)R Employer, Referrer, Practitioner & Operator
  6. Changes to IR(ME)R which now affect IR(ME)R Referrers
  7. Medico-legal considerations, accurate record keeping and clinical audit


  1. Describe the fundamentals of radiation physics
  2. Biological effects of ionising radiation
  3. Risk/benefits of the hazard associated with medical exposure
  4. Understand the responsibilities of an IR(ME)R Referrer
  5. Understand the duties and responsibilities of other IR(ME)R Roles, and how these roles work together in order to ensure ALARP and patient safety.

The course will be run as a 3-hour webinar, 9am-12pm, Saturday 7th April 2018.  Delegates will be responsible for ensuring that they have sufficient and appropriate bandwidth to accommodate the webinar.  Unfortunately, refunds will not be available for network failures at the delegate’s end.

A verifiable CPD Certificate will be provided on completion of a delegate statement submitted to Clare.  This certificate can be used as evidence of IR(ME)R update training for employers and CPD.


£70 for Non IHPA Members.  Click here to find out about IHPA

£50 for IHPA Members

To book you place on this webinar, please complete the form below.

Clare will be donating her time and lecture for free.  Profit (following deduction of PayPal and Webinar host expenses) will be donated to the IHPA fund (Employers’ NI, Apprenticeship Levy & Direct Engagement case fund)

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